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Model 389 Projector

Model 389

The Model 389 is the latest and most advanced cartridge-fired projector of the modern day era. Although unique, the Model 389 is a collaborative design based on its predecessor’s best attributes. The Model 389 has proven to be the most versatile, accurate, and consistent cartridge-fired projector ever made. The hinged, breach loading dart barrel supports any size dart and is equipped with our revolutionary Airflow Control Ports. Our ACP technology aligns with the exiting gas at the muzzle, thereby virtually eliminating “tail-kick” of the dart. The five position power control has been moved closer to the shooter ensuring silent, quick, and safe power adjustment for any shot distance.

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389 full389 black full

Available Color Options:
Black Stock with Blued Assembly
Camo Stock with Blued Assembly
Black Stock with Electroless Nickel
Camo Stock with Electroless Nickel

Model 389 Specifications

  • 389 stock and action – Marlin Model XT .22 caliber 5 shot clip (Model 389 ships with 3-9 × 32mm scope)
  • Dart barrel – .50 caliber 18″ rifled barrel with Airflow Control Ports
  • Dart action – Break open breach loading
  • Cartridges – CCI 22 caliber blank power loads
  • Weight – 9 1/2 Ibs.
  • Power control – 5 position
  • Range – 0 to 100 yards with 1 cc Type ‘C’ disposable darts
  • Front and rear quick detachable sling swivels included

**Sale of the cartridge-fired rifles (196 and 389) is regulated by Federal Law. Interstate shipment is restricted to government agencies or holders of a Federal Firearm License. If you do not have a license, arrange for a local gun dealer to accept the rifle on your behalf. We must have a certified faxed, email, and/or mailed copy of this license on file prior to shipment.
389 power control 389 dart loading 389 barrel airflow
Power Control Break Open Dart Load Barrel Airflow Ports