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Foxlights Predator Deterrent

Foxlights Predator Deterrent

“Foxlights” is an innovative and highly effective way to protect lambs, kids, poultry and other valuable animals from foxes and other night predators. To date over 60 000 lights have been sold to satisfied customers across Australia. They are now being sold throughout the world to protect stock and crops against a vast number of predating animals.

The Foxlight is a predator deterrent with a computerised flashing light that gives the impression of someone patrolling during hours of darkness. The number of lights required is determined by the area in which stock might be sleeping along with the undulation and vegetation of the area. More than one light may be required to be sure to have coverage from all sides. If the predator cannot see the light from a distance, then it won’t be as effective.

These give the perception of someone walking around the area with a flashlight, thus keeping predators at bay. A computer chip on a power board with 9 LED bulbs creates a varying flash of blue, white and now red with different time sequences. This will deter animals that are smart enough to know that a standard flashing light is just that.

Key Benefits

  • The light is projected at 360 degrees and can be seen for a distance of 2 kms.
  • Works well in conjunction with guard dogs and other deterrents.
  • A night sensor automatically turns the unit on at night and off at dawn.
  • Made using the highest grade materials
  • Easily mounted on a 3 sided steel post, hung on a wire fence or on an overhanging tree branch

Solar Fox Lights build in battery.

Solar powered Foxlights

The most advanced non-lethal method of night predator control. A computerised varying flash with three colours meaning predators are less likely to get used to it. Nine LED bulbs projecting 360 degrees can be seen over 1km. Set where stock are or near poultry pens, Foxlights appears as if someone is patrolling with a flashlight which keeps predators away with their natural fear of man. A solar panel collecting energy stored in 2AA rechargeable batteries. The life of these batteries should be approximately three years. A USB port allows charging from mains, if required. Solar lights require good sunlight and may not be suited for forested or shaded areas. We recommend a combination of both lights in some circumstances. Easy set up on a steel fence post, hung from a tree or on an existing fence. Easy to relocate with stock to free pastures. Foxlights are very compatible with all guard and domestic animals.


Foxlights don’t just work on foxes they have been found to work on all sorts of animals! Check out some stories from our internationals users:

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