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Reserve and Infrastructure Management

Management contracts – All aspects of managing the property (wildlife, staff, lodge facilities,etc)

Water provision – Pipes , Pumps , Reservoirs , Tanks etc…


Bushclearing - Certain woody species tend to encroach on a given area – These include Acacia melifera , Acacia borlea , Dichrostachys cineraea ( Sickle bush ) and Euclea spp ( Guarry bush ). Encroachment leads to a reduction in the grass sward productivity – by having an impact on the species composition and palatability of these grass species. In any wildlife production situation , the most ideal grasses are desired to ensure that wildlife is in the best possible condition and that production / breeding is at an optimum level. Bushclearing is performed either mechanically or by hand. It is important that the clearing is performed according to a systematic approach and the correct method and herbicide is used to ensure long term die-off of targeted species. This is often done in conjunction with a planned fire strategy either as an initial or as a follow up action

Problem plant control

Mechanical and chemical control

Problem animal control


Roads – maintenance and layout


Ecological surveys and annual monitoring - By doing a thorough ecological survey of a property , the best course of action can be determined to rehabilitate degraded veld to a more desired state. This is done by firstly doing grass and bush transects where the grass species , erodability of an area , geology and soils as well as grass biomass per hectare is evaluated.

By having this information , decisions or evaluation of the success of the following can be made on:
  • which areas to burn for better grass production or to get rid of moribund material / woody plants ( in conjunction with a bushclearing plan )
  • Longer term veld rehabilitation and monitoring through fixed point photography
  • Planning for better utilization of certain areas by wildlife
  • Stocking rates of Game

Environmental Impact Assessments