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Our Net Launcher is simple and comfortable to use with a moderate recoil. The front handle is adjustable adding to the comfort for both left or right hand users.The unique quick release interchangeable canister system allows for quick and efficient capture, up to 70-80% faster than other net gun systems.This net launcher can be used on a wide variety of species, from birds to small, medium and large animals.Our net launcher utilizes two different size canisters, depending on the size of nets being used. The regular canister is for the 12 ft knotless nets and the large is for the 15 ft knotless nets.
SAFTEY - A pistol frame is used over the old style bolt action because the frame can be opened and a blank placed into the chamber ready to go BUT WITHOUT having the net gun cocked. It will only be cocked and ready to fire once the hammer is pulled back and that only needs to happen just before the shot is taken. (with bolt action net guns, as soon as the blank is in the chamber and the bolt is closed it is cocked and UNSAFE)
With the pistol frame there is no ejector that FLINGS the spent casing out like a bolt action does. The net gunner at all times has full control of removing the spent casing and can put it away in a safe place. NO loose casings falling into helicopter controls or possibly being flung into the blades etc.
The hammer can safely be de-cocked by holding the thumb on the hammer securely, the trigger is then squeezed and hammer slowly allowed to move forward. When the hammer is de cocked, it DOES NOT rest against the back of the firing pin. (unlike the bolt action which pushes the firing pin forward and can still detonate the blank)  
The pistol net gun allows the net gunner to lean out the helicopter more and stretch his arms out which puts him closer to his target and also keeps the net gun further AWAY from the skids of the helicopter. This also allows for more ACCURACY as the net gunner is almost looking down the barrel similar to a shot gun and NOT shooting from the hip like the older style net guns.   
The interchangeable canister systems allows for more SPACE and COMFORT in confined areas the like the cock pit of a helicopter. Our system is more COMPACT when the canister is removed from the net gun!!

The fore grip is completely adjustable making it the ONLY net gun on the market that can be easily used by both "left and right handed" net gunners. It also allows the net gunner to adjust the net gun to be as comfortable as possible.      
The CURVE shape at the chamber of the barrel is another unique design on our net gun. Should the ejector fail or the blank jumps forward of the ejector. The Curve allows the net gunner to pull the spent casing out with his thumb and for finger.

NETGUN Launcher Case:

Our nets are manufactured from Dyneema, a four stranded high strength monofilament, giving them superior strength. We are the only company producing KNOTLESS DYNEEMA nets. These nets are truly the best nets for net gun capture for the following reasons:
Reduced air drag. (thinner cord yet more strength)
less bulk and less weight. (better distance and more velocity)
Minimal water retention.
Stable mesh size. (NO knot slippage and uneven mesh shape)
Less distortion and tearing.
HIGH VIS Orange color makes it easy to see the nets after missed shots.
Nets are available in 12 x 12 feet and 15 x 15 feet.  Break strength 750 lb.

Our net gun uses a uniquely designed quick release Barrel Set.  It is manufactured of high quality grade aluminum.  The advantage of our barrel set is that it allows for quick and easy packing of the net and the weights can be placed directly into the barrels. This speeds up the process and eliminates further workload by the net gunner as all he needs to do is change out the complete barrel after each shot.

The CANISTER COVER speeds up net packing, once the net us packed the two flaps are closed and canister is ready to go. It is also more environmentally friendly as no masking tape is required to secure the net like the older bucket system, which blows masking tape into the environment and is costly and time consuming.  These are sold separately.

The weights for our Net Gun barrel sets are manufactured of a high grade stainless steel material, making them durable and rust free.  The eye on the weight is designed and CNC machined in such a way as to minimize wear to the tie ropes.
The weights are made of a high grade stainless steel and have O-Rings. The O-ring weight allows for better compression in the barrels,  which means less powder can be used in the banks and it helps for better velocity of the nets through the air.
The O-ring option, can be used without an O-ring in place if you should find yourself without replacements in the field.
For wet and muddy conditions, you might prefer the weight without the O-Ring  in any event since your maintenance is decreased.