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Chemical and Physical Restraint of Wild Animals

 Chemical and Physical Restraint BookChemical and Physical Restraint Book

Chemical and Physical Restraint of Wild Animals – 3rd Edition!

"The NEW third edition of “Chemical and Physical Restraint of Wild Animals” is a compendium of the knowledge and experience of various authorities in chemical and physical restraint of African wildlife.

The book is well written and amply illustrated with excellent photographs. The information presented is very practical, thorough and easy to use, both in the field and as an educational tool. The species immobilization chapter has been extensively revised with authors offering an account of species-specific characteristics, drug and dosage recommendations for more than 70 African species. This second edition will be an invaluable resource and a handy field manual for wildlife professionals involved in capture and restraint of animals in Africa and elsewhere.”

Authors: Michael Kock, David Meltzer, Richard Burroughs